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for Advanced Chiropractic in Neurology at the Healing Oasis.  Currently she practices near Charleston, South Carolina where she uses multiple modalities to heal large and small animals.  Her holistic approach and continued hunger for knowledge has led her to further study in nutrition, changing her veterinary practice from reactive to proactive in promoting animal health and wellness.   Dr. Hayek uses applied kinesiology, herbal therapies, nutritional toxicology & restructuring, dentistry and hoof balance to treat the performance horses and dogs in her practice.   She has co-written a book on environmental influences and equine nutrition as it affects the health of the horse.  She has a  son, Robert; 5 dogs, one cat and one horse.

therapies to treat both large and small animals.  Dr. Ormston is an instructor in the Parker Chiropractic College’s Post Graduate course in animal chiropractic where he teaches biomechanics, gait analysis and saddle fit as well as chiropractic adjusting techniques.  Bill has spoken both nationally and internationally on movement and gait analysis in both horses and dogs.  He has authored 3 books on complimentary therapies and is a regular contributor to several publications.  He has teamed with Sports Motion, Inc to bring affordable gait analysis to the animal world.  Starting with Port Lewis he developed a unique approach to saddle fit.  Chyro-Ryde is the result of combining his knowledge of movement, chiropractic and saddle fit.  His family includes Riley, Philip, Jessica and a varying number of dogs and cats.

Dr. Amy Hayek, DVM, CAC, CVA

Dr. Bill Ormston, DVM, CAC, DVetHom

Amy Hayek graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. in 1986 and an MA in 1987.  Following a career in university teaching, she returned to veterinary school at Colorado State University and graduated in 1998.  In 2000, she finished her certificate in veterinary acupuncture with the Chi Institute.  Not feeling her education complete, she continued with a certificate in spinal manipulative therapy from the State of Wisconsin at the Healing Oasis Wellness Center and was certified by the American Veterinarian Chiropractic Association, and in 2007 completed the program

Bill Ormston received a BS in animal science in 1982 and  a veterinary degree in 1988, both from Iowa State University.  Since graduation Dr. Ormston has worked in or owned mixed animal practices.  In 1998 he attended Options For Animals and became certified in animal chiropractic care by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Assoc.  In 2004 he completed his degree in Veterinary Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy.  His current practice is in the area surrounding the Dallas metroplex where he uses only complimentary

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