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Balance and movement of the mouth and jaw determine 50% of the ability of the horse to perform. In addition to providing the horse with nutrition and normal digestion the teeth of the mouth affect the muscles of the head and neck which then biomechanically effect the movement of the whole horse. A horse’s teeth are continually growing and affecting the joints of the jaw. If this information is faulty it will make proper movement difficult. Proper dentistry requires knowledge of tooth structure, tooth growth, jaw movement and how each of these inter relates with the rest of the horse’s body. Some horses will require the removal of large amounts of tooth material and maybe whole teeth while others will benefit greatly with minimal maintenance. Very few horses can go longer than 6 months before the teeth start to affect movement. You should find a qualified equine dentist that practices according to the laws of your state. Remember, teeth floating should not leave the molars flat and often will involve some work on the front teeth (incisors).

Dr. O has received his degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Homeopathy. Homeopathy is a branch of health based on the law of similars and has remained unchanged since the onset thousands of years ago. It is a form of vibrational medicine. It requires a small amount of remedy be given at varying intervals to help your animals body heal itself. Dr. O has developed a first aid kit along with a flip chart that should help you deal with emergencies while waiting for veterinary help to arrive. The doctors may also recommend one or two remedies to help your animal heal.

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It is impossible to effectively and completely return an animal to true health without the correct internal chemical components. These components are provided by the nutrients taken in through the digestive system. Dr. Hayek has spent the last four years studying the components of nutrition that improve the receptors of the nervous system and ensure that the immune system is optimal. She recognizes signs of deficiency and disease, and the effects of the external environment and the internal environment. Dr. Amy is able to determine where the patient is missing the necessary components for life and to begin to treat the true cause of the disease. There is only one disease, cellular dysfunction. Finding the cause of this disease through the components of the internal and external environment are the first part toward the solution. Forms for a nutritional consultation for your horse are available in the download section.

The missing link in every equine and canine rehabilitation program begins in the brain. The capability of the animal to return to normal function, to recover from athletic events and to reach its athletic potential depends on the ability of the nervous system to drive the musculoskeletal system to its maximum potential without irreversible injury. By addressing the weaknesses in the neurological function of the animal, these can be exposed and treated to gain the maximum function of the animal. This is the basis of evolution and survival, and when applied to rehabilitation programs, attains the utmost in athletic potential. Rehabilitation of the athlete cannot be limited to addressing muscle fitness or oxygen capacity without addressing the neural function. Dr. Amy and Dr. O will help you formulate a realistic rehabilitation program for your animal athletes that will attempt to return them to peak performance in a healthy manner. A typical program will include neuromuscular exercises, nutritional changes, stretches and target exercises. You must remember that in a rehabilitation program steady progress is more important than fast changes. Working a little bit each day will give better net results than working longer periods a couple of times a week.