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Harmonizing Your Horse’s Health Episode

Harmonizing Your Horse’s Health was aired 17 times a week on four continents during the 2010 and 2011 television seasons.  Episodes are available on DVD for educational and promotional use.

SKU/Item Number: 401

Price: $9.50

Horse City.Com Episodes

As seen on RFD TV’s program HorseCity.com Dr. Ormston explains some of the ways to tell if your horse could possibly benefit from a chiropractic examination and adjustment,  This DVD contains segments from the January 1, March 7 and March 21, 2007 shows.  Includes segments on neck, lumbar and pelvis problems.  

SKU/Item Number: 402

Price: $7.50

Race Approved Small Animal Presentation

This 25 minute DVD explaining canine chiropractic care is RACE approved to provide both veterinarians and technicians with 1 CEU.  This is an excellent education tool for both clients and other professionals in the area.  Attendees must complete short online quiz to receive credit.

SKU/Item Number: 403

Price: $30.00

Chiropractic Lay Group Power Point Presentation

This power point is an introduction to the world of animal chiropractic.  It is supplied in two versions.  The first one is a power point presentation that requires narration and allows the presenter to add stories and comments as they feel comfortable.  The second disc is formatted so that it will play on a DVD with a musical background and is suitable for an office or kiosk at an educational event.  Both discs come with an animal, a canine and an equine version.

SKU/Item Number: 404

Price: $30.00

Gait Analysis Clips

These discs contain numerous clips of animals in varying gaits.  These will help the user understand movement when used with Gait Analysis 201 and ProTrainer.  

SKU/Item Number: 405

Price: $9.50

Anatomy of Saddle Fit

Dr. David Siemans talks about the anatomy of saddle fit.  He talks about the anatomy of the horse, the rider and the saddle.  He explains how they must all work together if the riding experience is going to be a positive one.

SKU/Item Number: 406

Price: $25.00

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