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Harmonizing Your Horse’s Health Episode

Episode 1 – Back Pain, How to Apply a Poultice,  Cellular Nutrition, Finding a certified  Chiropractor and Acupuncturist.

Episode 2 - Chiropractic Care Live from Equine Affaire  in Pomona, CA, Thyroid Issues.

Episode 3 - Maximizing Your Foal’s Genetic Potential    Live from Equine Affaire in Pomona, CA, Homeopathy.   

Episode 4 - Chiropractic Care and Systemic Disease,  Does your horse’s rump need a Chiropractor,  Environment and the Thyroid gland.

Episode 5 - Helping your Geriatric Horse, Homeopathy  and Horses, Ice Horse interview.

Episode 6 – Stress and your horse’s health, Getting  back to riding, Utilizing cold and heat.

Episode 7 - How your horse’s back and rump move,  Proper diet for your horse, Flower essences  with Equilite.

Episode 8 - How your horse’s front legs and shoulders  move, Proper nutrition with hay, Flower  essences with Equilite.

Episode 9 – Biochemistry, Saddle fit and gravity,  Homeopathy, Does your horse need dentistry.

Episode 10 – Pharmacology deficiencies, Acupuncture,  Sympathetic Stress Response , Ice Horse  interview.

Episode 11 - Environmental Cellular Nutrition, Show me  Saddle fit, Sore back in the horse,

Episode 12 - Posture and the horse, How the equine  neck moves, Dentistry, Essential Oils – Young  Living Oils.

Episode 13 - Chiropractic and the Performance horse,

 Chiropractic and the Brood mare, How to  apply a poultice, Essential Oils – Young Living  Oils.

Episode 14 - Helping the horse with a chronic injury,  Tendons don’t change shape,  Back pain.

Episode 17 – Helping the Older Horse, Helping the  Young Unfocused Horse, Back Pain.

Episode 18 – Cribbing, Blanketing your Horse, Helping  the Older Horse.

Episode 19 – Proper Nutrition, Seasonal Changes in  your Horse, Uneven Strides.

Episode 20 – Saddle fit, Back on Track products, Cetyl  M products, The unbalanced horse.

Episode 21 – Stress, Nerve Damage, Saddle Fit.

Episode 22 – Which horses need chiropractic  care,  Back on Track Products, Standard Process  Products.

Episode 23 – Ice horse products, Cetyl M products ,  Back on Track products, Standard process  products,  Applied kinesiology.

1-843-860-8336 or 1-214-802-7815