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Flower Essence

Flower Essences have historically been used to balance and harmonize any emotional, psychological and spiritual states, these blends have been specifically formulated to deal with issues that large and small animals deal with. They are easy to administer, safe to use during competition and will not conflict with any other protocols. These blends are "Issue Specific" not animal specific. A separate brochure is available that depicts their creation and outlines suggestions for use. These are proprietary liquid plant preparations made by infusing fresh flower blossoms under very specific conditions.

Combinations available include:

      Angel of Mercy

      Clear Thinking


      Devil Be Gone

      Easy Does It

      Ego Builder


      In Training

      Life’s Changes

      Mellow Out

      Obsess Less

      Panic Attack

      Safe Journey

      Sibling Rivalry

1-843-860-8336 or 1-214-802-7815