Harmonizing Your Horse’s Health

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Dr. O utilizes a unique “Show Me” saddle fit system that helps you see why and where your horse’s saddle is not fitting their back. After explaining some of the basics of equine movement he will help you understand how important it is that your saddle place the weight of you and all of your tack in the proper place. He will then help you find a solution to the problem. The options usually range from very easy but may not look so good to something that can be used in a National show ring. Make sure you let Dr. O know what your goals are. "Show Me" saddle fit tools are available in the product section.

Video Gait Analysis can help the doctors achieve their goals in several ways. It may be used to help pinpoint the problem prior to treatment (especially at faster gaits), to help track progress as treatment continues, and to help evaluate the influence of riding and tack. Dr. O has teamed up with SportsMotion to bring an economical and viable video gait analysis solution to the animal world. Many instructors have used this program to help their students determine which areas need the most work. It has been used by National Champions in several areas of human medicine and now Dr. O is bringing it to the animal side. His book to help with analyzing equine motion is available in the product section.

Alpha Stim Massage Therapy

By utilizing a very small electrical current this machine helps restore normal electrical flow to damaged tissue. It works at a cellular level by helping to increase ATP providing energy for health. These machines work better when utilized several times a day and are available for lease or purchase.

Massage is used to help relax the muscles and increase blood flow to an area. Dr. O is a certified Equine Massage Therapist. He may use some massage techniques while treating your animals as well as show you some things that might help between visits.