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To “V or Not to V”

This informative brochure contains recommended vaccine information supplied to members of the AVMA and AAEP.  This information is coupled with reminders of the definition of health.  The purpose of this brochure is to allow a chance for informed dialogue about vaccination between owners, program managers and veterinarians.

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Basal Metabolism

This brochure contains information on basal metabolism rate and how to determine the rate in animals.  It includes a list of possible problems that might be associated with a lowered BMR.  There is a chart where you will be able to chart your animal’s temperatures.

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Nail Trims are more than cosmetic

This educational flier explains how important a nail trim is to the overall health and well being of the dog.  Gravity, muscle function and joint angles are discussed as well as the anatomy of the nail and ways to get the nails short enough.

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Vital Royal Hi Pro™ Plus

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”.  Hi-Pro™ Plus is a food  that  contains no grains and essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals required for cellular health in the horse.

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How to utilize Flower Essences

This booklet contains uses and cross references for the 18 Flower Essences from Equilite®.  It includes instructions on how and when to use the flower essences.  Conditions such as anxiety, destructive behavior, lack of concentration and other behavior issues are examined.  Descriptions for each essence are included to help you choose the correct essence for each animal you are treating.

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Emergency Homeopathic Remedy Flipchart

This laminated flip chart is aimed to help in emergency situations.  The front half is referenced by situation while the other half by remedy.  Lists actions for 28 remedies and 21 different situations.

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Price: $12.50

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