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Vital Royal Hi Pro™ Plus

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”.  Hi-ProT Plus is a food  that  contains no grains and essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals required for cellular health in the horse.

Most horse feeds are formulated to be “complete” feeds.  This food usually contains processed carbohydrates along with the proteins.  When everything is included in the same food, it is difficult to increase the beneficial elements of the food while reducing the damaged, or unuseful elements.  Often the proteins in these inexpensive foods are not of good quality, and not easy for your horse to digest.   If these nitrogen compounds that are not true proteins are increased in the food it is likely that the animal will experience irritation.  Increasing the sugar content of the food can lead to irritability of the animal, along with reducing the absorption ability of the G.I. tract.  This can reduce the amount of essential amino acids absorbed in the gut.  Often, symptoms such as immune deficiency or thyroid deficiency are seen in animals fed this way because they have been protein deprived.

1-843-860-8336 or 1-214-802-7815