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Xeno Detox

Xeno-Detox is a blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and probiotics that is designed to assist your pet in the elimination of xenoestrogens from the body.  In order for this detoxification process to be successful it is recommended that you remove as much environmental contamination as possible (ie., filter water, etc.) and supply an appropriate source of protein and fat that the animal can utilize.

Conditions where Xeno-Detox  may be indicated include:

          Auto-immune syndromes  


          Lyme’s disease  

 Fungal infections

    If your animal is placed on Xeno-Detox it should be closely monitored.  It will normally be used after your animal has been on a course of good diet and EPS for a period of two weeks.

1-843-860-8336 or 1-214-802-7815